Factory East Community Project (Charity)

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Have Fun, Make Friends, Get Healthy, Become and Champion


Patsy Sheehan

After my first session I decided to become a member and now attend 4 times a week. I actually look forward to finishing work and getting up there. The people are all lovely and always encourage you to push yourself that bit further each time. I leave feeling motivated and generally happier.


Kirk Whitelock

I started in April 2016 after hearing about the gym through a friend, seeing some great results and positive posts online about Factory East so I thought I would give it a go. So when I joined I was 16.3 Stone, I was worried about my health, wellbeing and general fitness at my age of 54, after a few months in the gym and working hard I am now down to 13.8 stone, I feel so much healthier and fitter and I feel like a 30 year old and not a 54 year old.


Victor Ilori

I started out at Factory East Community Project last April, before that I was mixing with the wrong crowd, hustling on the street corner, getting up to no good, I was smoking and drinking until I found the place that made me the man I am today, Factory East Charity Boxing Gym. Ever since Factory East came in to my life I never looked back. It is like a dream come true, I have been blessed with good trainers and good people around me in the gym that push me to a high level.


Freddie Rogers

Factory East has really given me a new buzz for life. The people down there are friendly and help one another all the time, there are no big headed people, there is no showing off, there is no posing about and laughing at one another for trying, everyone works hard as a team and we all pull together to support one another to achieve the results we are looking for.