Factory East Community Project (Charity)

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Have Fun, Make Friends, Get Healthy, Become and Champion

About us

What is going on at Factory East Community Project?

We are an Amateur Boxing Club affiliated to England Boxing. We have qualified coaches teaching students to box in competitions, Olympics and Commonwealth. We also focus our attention on the health and well-being of the community.


Who uses Factory East Community Project?

In 2016 we worked with over 2’000 people of all ages, races, religions and backgrounds from five years old through to 60 years old helping them to better their life and make a positive change for their future. Quarter one we had 424 children and 60 adults. Quarter two we had 429 children and 338 adults. Quarter three we had 194 children and 373 adults. Quarter four we had 416 children and 181 adults.



Who supports Factory East Community project?

We have had support from local companies, business men and women including, Tamer Hassan, Canary Wharf Group, East End Church, JSM, MIX IT, Poplar Harca, FBS, Commercial Cars, Remiboe, Aberfeldy Cafe and St Pauls Way School.


Factory East Community Project in the Community

Tower Hamlets is still one of the most deprived boroughs in London. Unemployment, gang crime and poverty are rife and many young people do not have a positive outlet for their frustrations. Factory East Community Project also supports the surrounding areas of East London. Using the ethos of boxing we are helping to improve the lives of those that might be socially excluded. We offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all the community to learn boxing regardless of ability. We are promoting community cohesion across barriers of age, gender, race, religion etc. We are here to offer the chance of change. Factory East is a support network and a base for training and selfgrowth. We are community people working together with professional experts to assist people to lead a better life. Factory East has seen many Governments change hands and many Mayors change hands and we are still here and still going strong, we have survived these changes and we plan to survive many more.




Factory East Community Project financials

Factory East Community Project runs classes for the very minimum to help the Community with the current financial situation, all our equipment is top of the range and our facility is kept clean and tidy every day by our volunteers. If we have people who have financial difficulties but still want to better their life and make a change we do not turn them away we work with them to help them do this. All our fees go into our account which helps cover the bills we have. Not all Charities are like this, they get given very large donations and research shows they do not cover the same amount of work as Factory East Community Project do. Junior class – £2 per session (research shows other clubs charge £5 on average) ABC class – £5 per session (research shows other clubs charge £10 on average) Keep fit/open gym use – £5 per session (research shows other clubs charge £10 on average)


Factory East Community Project facility

Factory East Community Project is based at Scorpio House, 5 Towcester Rd, London E3 3ND. We are located on an industrial estate where there is many other companies operating. One of which is directly opposite our facility which is MIX IT and although they have been kind and worked close with us in the past they are a cement company which means there is constant array of dirt, dust and mud always populating the area. This is somewhat off putting for potential community members to attend. There is not a lot of lighting in the estate which again can also be off putting. With a better located facility we feel our members and numbers would grow dramatically and we could carry out a lot more of the work we want to achieve in the future.




Factory East Community Project and the future

What Factory East Community Project needs for it’s future and to make sure we are still operating in the future is a permanent base (a building/facility) in place that can house sporting facilities (boxing gym etc), music studio facilities, and other activity spaces for young people. The building would also contain our administration office and interview rooms for outreach and intervention work. We want to obtain support and/or endorsement from corporate and public leaders, those able to influence and create or inspire change. We want to carry on saving, helping, and changing so many people’s lives which we believe is the best thing that’s happened so far and our research tells us that Factory East Community Project is needed even more now than when we started. We want to obtain definite leads for support; via direct funding in order to establish a permanent base from which to operate, but also by the provision of paid staff and volunteers to assist in the day to day management and activities of Factory East Community Project.