Project Knowledge


Project Knowledge was designed to create social inclusion and to encourage community integration, develop children and young people’s needs, Social, Ethical, Emotional, Educational, Physical.

Working in partnership with bishops gate institute who have a vast archive of material, I decided we would work on children’s rights from Victorian times to present, and also a chat about gangs and the history of gangs.


The ages of the children and  young people were from 6 to 15, the 15 year olds now peer educators from previous projects, nearly all the children and  young people have social issues, some coming from broken homes, and some known to yot, pru, and care homes.

We started on the gangs. Explaining the consequences of becoming involved in crime, gang culture, and the children and young people were listening intently, all expressed their views freely, and all understood that these projects were for their best interests.

Asking did anyone know gang signs, all children and young people knew more than one, they knew territories, colours, names, the six year olds knew everything, just through 30 minutes of talking and asking these questions, gave us an insight to these children and young people life’s, what should 6 year olds know of gang culture, even shocking parents at how much their own children know about gangs

Throughout the summer we took trips to all the areas that the children and young people thought as no go areas, they integrated with all areas very well.


The history project, all the group listened and asked questions, studied the archive material sketch drawings, reading and writing.  It was an excellent project, with all children and young people and parents giving 100% feedback, Has with all projects.

These projects are vital to these children and young people has they come from difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds, many will simply become involved in gang culture and crime, with community intervention they have a chance.

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