Welcome to Factory East

Winner of the Voluntary Commitment Award 2016 at The Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year. Nominee for Group Achievement Award 2016 at The Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year.

We are a community based local charity and whilst boxing is currently our main area of activity we have run many other projects. We have been in existence for eight years now – three years as a registered charity and five years as a voluntary organisation – and during this time many people have benefited from our projects and interventions.


Following a massive, coordinated community effort, involving scores of local residents, a local property owner and multiple local companies; we embarked on what turned out to be eight months of extremely hard, but satisfying work, which culminated in the opening of our Factory East Community Gym.

Since opening, we have, with the support of our fifteen committed local volunteers, been able to provide for the massive demand for the project from the local community and cumulatively the community at large.

We run classes, which are always fully subscribed, with numbers, (as recognised by the local authority), exceeding two thousand annually.  All of our work is run by volunteers from the local community, our trustees are from both the local community and further afield as recognition of our work grows.


We have received recognition and commendation for our achievements and commitment to the local community. Including the Voluntary Commitment Award 2016/17 at The Canary Wharf Sports Personality of The Year Award, at which we were also a Nominee for the Group Achievement Award.

As we continue to grow, in line with demand from the local community, whose reliance on us as an important part of their lives is demonstrated by their commitment to the Factory East Family, new volunteers and external investment are essential to allow us to provide for this ever increasing demand.

So if you are a potential new volunteer or you would like to make a donation, please do not hesitate to get in touch, or just come down and say hello.

Thank You.